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Understanding intellectual property law and patents in the United States can be extremely challenging. The strongest way to protect your interests is to retain the services of a patent attorney who can help you by offering seasoned advice and assistance through every stage of the patent process. Patent attorneys provide for strategic, dedicated representation. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about patents.

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Why do I need a patent?

A valid U.S. patent gives you the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing your new and useful process, machine manufacture, or composition of matter without your permission. It is important that you protect your hard work by filing for patent protection.

What does a patent search entail?

There are many scenarios where a patent search may be helpful. A patent search may reveal existing prior art relevant to a particular patent or invention. Searches may be uniquely catered to a client’s needs.

What do I need to provide for an attorney to prepare my patent application?

You will need to provide details of your invention and all its parts, including drawings and written descriptions. Your application should also indicate how your invention solves a problem in a specific industry or field, and how your creation improves on the deficiencies of similar, existing products.

Can I use the term “patent applied for” or “patent pending?”

You may only use these terms if you have a patent application on file. Manufacturers and sellers who use such terms without having applied for a patent may be fined.

What rules govern how a patent is granted when more than one person is involved in the invention or development of a product?

If multiple people contributed to the conception of an invention, the co-inventors may apply for the patent jointly.

If, however, one individual conceived the invention and the other merely assisted in reducing the invention to practice, a patent will only be granted to the individual who conceived the invention, as he or she is considered the true inventor.

Can I list my employer or the individual who funded my project as a co-inventor?

No, only those who helped conceive the invention can be listed as an inventor. However, other individuals may be assigned ownership rights to the patent application

Can I check on the status of my patent application?

If represented by an attorney, the attorney has a duty to keep you informed of any updates to the status of your application. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will also answer questions regarding your application status, including pending decisions, approvals, and denials. The USPTO website encourages applicants to field questions through their patent attorneys, if available.

Is my U.S. patent valid in other countries?

No – each country has its own set of patent laws. Foreign protection must be sought separately. Your attorneys can assist in international patent filings.

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