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Cameroon’s Patent System

Cameroon’s Patent Office

The Republic of Cameroon is a member to the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), which was created at Bangui in 1977.  The Organization provides a uniform intellectual property regime for sixteen African countries.  Cameroon is home to the OAPI Patent Office, which handles registrations for the entire OAPI.  The Office is located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Obtaining a Patent in Cameroon

All patents recognized in Cameroon must be issued through the OAPI.  To file with the OAPI, applications must be submitted in English or French.  It is not possible to patent computer programs or methods for treatment of humans or animals.  Patents issued in the OAPI are valid for ten years and can be renewed for two subsequent five year terms.  The initial ten year term begins on the date of filing.  Annual maintenance fees also have to be paid.

The OAPI is a member of the PCT and as such allows international applications to designate the OAPI within 30 months of the international priority date.

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